Open House at Ananda Kanan

“What a fun and inspiring gathering at the open house yesterday! There must have been 50-60 people from all around the Ozarks. There was great food, wonderful music and a fire to sit by while listening. It got a bit chilly later but everybody just moved inside, including Coburn with his fantastic homemade instrument and we all kept visiting. 10 people took dada kbs meditation class and most people took the tour around Ananda Kanan and heard some history of the place.”

The event happened on October 4th and it is highlighted on the facebook page of the Ananda Kanan Ozarks Retreat Center which is also visible on the front page of Crimson Dawn.

Ananda Marga at Health Awareness event in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn’s Brownsville has a notorious history of being one of New York’s most dangerous and impoverished neighborhoods. By Baba’s grace we were invited to introduce Meditation and Yoga to the Brownsville Community during a Health Awareness fair hosted by the Health First insurance company. On a Saturday afternoon from 12-3pm Health First arranged a fairground venue space on a housing project yard and invited doctors, musicians, clowns, healers etc. Free health check-ups were accompanied with a live concert, face painting for kids, pranic healing, free fruit and of course free meditation and yoga.

Many people expressed their gratitude to learn the Babanam Kevalam siddha mantra for expansion of consciousness. Some Brownsville locals passed by our table with yoga mats in their bags coming home from yoga classes. Apparently yoga is not something completely out of reach from the community. However, several youth were eager to learn yoga postures and Baba’s Kaoshikii dance. Everyone who decided to sit for meditation felt a sense of calm attained by the short practice.

Contacts were made with those who felt interest to learn more about meditation and help introduce it into other sectors of New York’s marginalized communities.

Sincerely His,
Dada Paramasukha

Prabhata Samgiita Divas celebrated in New York Sector

On the occasion of 33rd Anniversary of Prabhata Samgiita a public event was organised by Ananda Marga Canada at Malton Community Center, Mississauga, Ontario, on Sunday September 13 from 4 – 8 p.m. The event featured song, dance and instrumental music (Samgiita) as well as introduction to Ananda Marga and was open to the public with attendance of over 70 people.

The concert commenced with collective meditation and offering reverence to Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, the composer of the Prabhata Samgiita songs. After a short introduction the performances began featuring teenagers, Ananda Margiis, and guest artists. There was a team of musicians accompanying the songs with harmonium, tabla, and other percussion instruments. Brother Anirvan gave introduction to Ananda Marga, sister Amelia introduced Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s concept of Art for Service and Blessedness. Chief Guest speaker was Mani Singh (a realty businessman and politician). It was inspiring to see many young performers with great skill and everyone contributed in their unique way. The vocal performances were varied with dance performances of Indian classical dance choreographed with Prabhata Samgiita songs by Kiirtana Dave, Divya Deonarain and Taruna Deonarain.
Professional Singer: Rachna Mehra, Nilini Chaitan and Malini Mangroo, Thakur ji and Seeta ji
Tabla Players and Singers: Davon, Gopaul Deonarain, Parvesh Maraj, Stephen Ragbhir, and Jagrit Panday.
Speakers: Purvesh Dave, Avanish Panday, Amelia, Inesh Kannuthurai, E-han Kannuthurai David (Devanath), Davon
Sound System: Bohit Harnam, Sunildat Sugrim,
Co-ordinators: Vishnu Jairam, Sunildat Sugrim, Sister Geeta , Sister Amanda, and Ac. Parinirvanananda Avt.
Place was reserved by Kiishoorii Ma, Food was prepared and served by Punya Kirpal.
The flyer for the event and on-site professional photography were made by Vivek Wu.
Acarya´s attending were: Ac. Parinirvanananda Avt., Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt., Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. and Avt. Ananda Rupadhara Ac.
All the help from Margiis (GTA) Toronto, Cambridge, London, Brampton made Prábháta Samgiita Divas Successful.

Prabhata Samgiita Divas celebrated also in New York, Houston, Dallas and Monterrey

It was 4 pm when the Margi in Dallas started celebrating Prabhata Sangiita Anniversary by singing for more than one hour only the Songs of the New Dawn. As few margi could not participate due to family obligations, they were included on Skype and they sang the songs too. At 5:15 Kiirtan started and it was blissful with more than 10 margi present together with Dada Advayananda and Dada Vimaleshananda. At the end of Dharma Cakra prasad was shared and also the announcement for the inauguration of the New Jagrti in New York which is happening on October 1st. Margi of Dallas are well organized with a few young margi taking initiative and responsability. They are looking for a suitable place for a regional retreat which they are planning for October 10.


Image from Houston unit’s Prabhat Samgiit celebrations held on Sept 12th.

Benefits Fair of Queens College in New York

Pracar in Sectorial Office, Flushing, NY is picking up with classes in the jagrti and recently Acarya Diiptimanananda Avadhuta was accepted as yoga and meditation teacher at the Queens College Fitness Center.

On Thursday September 10, 2015, Dada Diiptimanananda (SOSNY) and Dada Paramasukha (RS London) participated in Benefits Fair of Queens College where various services were presented to the teachers and staff of the College. They were given the stage of the hall for yoga and meditation demonstration and handed out flyers and introduced Ananda Marga and the classes at the gym.

Kiirtan Retreat 2015

Kiirtana touches the core of the human heart. Followers of most religions do kiirtana. The only reason for such large scale popularity of kiirtana is that it arouses the soft spiritual sentiments in a person. Behind kiirtana is blissful ideation. This ideation blossoms into full flower the soft feelings of the human heart lying so far in bud form. Kiirtana awakens the human feelings and transports a person into great bliss. Kiirtana fills one’s life and satisfies all wants.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Join Sukhadeva and Sojha for an inspiring weekend of Kirtan. For those who don’t know, kirtan is a type of spiritual practice that joins mantra, meditation and music. This weekend will focus solely on the sacred mantra Baba Nam Kevalam. The meaning is “Only that feeling of Divine love!” By singing and dancing to this mantra we immerse ourselves in a positive vibration.

New Ananda Marga Unit in Huston, Texas

didihustonSome of the Houston unit Margiis with Didi Anudhyana

I am very happy to announce the newly registered AMPS Unit in Houston.
A group of Margiis decided to get organized and take their part in locally leading Baba’s mission forward. They took upon themselves the different unit duties, and are starting to plan more and more local Houston activities for Pracar and Service. They already have newly printed bumper stickers, and AMPS T-shirts are coming very soon. It is very inspiring for me to see such enthusiastic Margiis, determined to move forward, taking their designated duties with sincerity and devotion.

His, Didi Anudhyana
San Antonio, TX Tel: 051-535-4634

News from Sectorial Office in New York

Rose Garden at the Sectorial Office


Here in Sectorial Office in New York we are three Dadas, Dada Shankarananda, Dada Diiptimanananda and Dada Vimaleshananda. Today the postman came and he was curious about our Yoga House. It is a bit of a novelty to have monks in this residential area. The postman must know everybody, he is from Korea and there are Jewish neighbors and also Chinese and Indian. 

Dada Shankarananda is very active distributing BABA NAM KEVALAM cards and we are receiving some positive response. By the first of September we are planning to start Yoga and meditation classes and the website is almost ready with the new location and schedule. 

Dada Diiptimanananda is concentrated on the renovations. Although the house is in a very good condition, there is still a lot of work to make it suitable for all our purposes and activities. We have collective meditation and practices everyday, which gives us the energy to do the best work for His Mission. Almost everyday some Margiis come to visit and we are expecting several visiting acaryas.

Everyone is very inspired by the new location. Queens College has accepted Dada Diiptimanananda as yoga instructor and soon he will start the classes at the gym. 

Dada Vimaleshananda is fully engaged in the Fund Raising for Ananda Maya Master Unit in Guatemala. It is a fund raising for $2.750 USD required to process the legal papers and evict the intruders who have illegally invaded our Master Unit. Margiis in Guatemala are doing the effort to pursue the legal fight and the money requested is according to the estimate given by their lawyer. Didi Ananda Tapomaya is following the delicate process in Guatemala. A slideshow on illustrates the matter and includes the letter of the lawyer translated in English. The fund raiser is also online at

We invite you to visit the new Sectorial Office even before its official inauguration, which is planned for the first week of October. Nobody should feel or believe that we have lost anything. Baba's Mission is still the same wherever we are, to light the candle of devotion in every heart of this Universe. There is a lot of work for everybody.

Ananda Marga New York Sector Good News August 2015

Ananda Kanan Summer Conference took place from June 29 – July 5, 2015. The conference was attended by 15 Acaryas and 35 Margiis. During the conference there were a total of eight (8) Akhanda Kiirtana and two sadhana shivir, as well as other spiritual programs. The classes and workshops were well attended and included a philosophical debate lead by Didi Ananda Tapomaya; Dr. Ravi Batra introduced his new book End Unemployment Now via Skype conference and answered questions on economy and shared his experiences with Baba. Dada Dharmavedananda and Dada Gunamuktananda lead classes on the theme of the conference, Sadhana. There were two katha kiirtana programs, one in the DC hall (Baba’s house) and the second one on the patio in front of the kitchen around a small bonfire. The second evening program had presentations from the Margiis and Acaryas that are running service projects in the Sector. And finally on 4th of July we joined the parade in Willow Springs along with other villagers. The weather was very good and always nice to connect to the local population of the MU. Overall this conference was very successful and enjoyable and everyone left with the zeal to establish their units and render greater service to humanity.


New York Sectorial Office Move. The house in Corona was sold on May 15, 2015 and all our things moved to a storage facility. The contract for purchase of the new house in Flushing was signed on July 8, 2015 and moving our SO things into the new house completed on July 10.

The new Sectorial Office is located in a wonderful place and the pracar possibilities are wide open. The site has been refurbished and now feature among all a calendar of meditation and yoga classes, starting on September 1, 2015. Riding the wave of good energy generated by the new setting, a new website dedicated to Dharma Pracar in USA is ready to be prepared and visible at Dada Diiptimanananda has been accepted as yoga teacher at the Queens College Gym and posters are already attracting phone calls. We hope to attract many students to our classes both at the College and SO.

Dharma Cakras are regular at the Sectorial Office and Margiis are visiting both during the Dharma Cakra time and also during the week when their work schedule is most suitable. In the night two small food distributions has been done benefitting the homeless people in Queens and Manhattan. It is a token of kindness, which is appreciated by those who are living in pitiful conditions due to the expanding economic crisis in USA.


Ananda Marga Gurukula Conference (AMGK Conference) took place at Ananda Girisuta Master Unit and Prama Wellness Centre in Asheville, North Carolina from July 12 – 16, 2015. This was a global conference celebrating the 25th Anniversary of AMGK. The conference was attended by around 70 Acaryas and Margiis from all over the world. Educational projects from all around the world were presented. There were various workshops, discussion meetings on education, etc. It was impressive to see how much has been achieved in our educational projects around the world and the conference was a good forum to encourage further research and development in AM education.

More information can be found at:




Ananda Marga Canada Summer Seminar took place near Ananda Kanak Master unit in Quebec (near Ottawa) and was attended by 14 Margiis and 5 Acaryas.

Arrival was on afternoon of Friday July 30. Saturday August 1 was the main seminar day with three seminar classes. Acarya Diiptimanananda Avadhuta gave class on “The Human Body is a Biological Machine”, Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. On the topic “Mysticism and Spirituality” and Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt. On the topic “The Future of Human Civilization.” The seminar topics were interesting and stimulated lively classes and discussion. Finally there was organizational discussion mainly focusing on the upcoming BP elections in beginning for year 2016, pracar in Ottawa and Toronto and the upcoming Prabhata Samgiita celebration that will take place on September 13 at a cultural center in Mississauga, ON. 
After dinner there was a very nice Katha Kiirtana where the Margiis and Acaryas shared their experiences with Baba. The seminar concluded on Sunday August 2 with Akhanda Kiirtana and closing ceremony. Eight Margiis stayed for another night at the Ananda Kanak MU and enjoyed the peaceful environment of the MU and had Dharma Cakra in the evening. The seminar classes and other programs were enjoyed by all the participants and created a positive movement to make upcoming social and spiritual events successful.


Crimson Dawn Newsletter: News have until now been published on the website and in the monthly electronic newsletter (now reaching over 830 people.) The site has replaced the site, which is now referenced as an archive for Crimson Dawn news. The new website is ‘mobile friendly’ and offers dedicated menus and contents to the Spanish speaking Margiis and people in general. A specific entry of CD features all the Ananda Vaniis, which have been given from 2001 till today in English and Spanish. Target is to complete them compiling the remaining Ananda Vaniis from 1991 till 2001. A book format may become available thereafter.


Ananda Maya MU Fundraiser: Guatemala Margiis have appealed for help to save Ananda Maya Master Unit in Guatemala. Part of the land is in dispute due to squatters occupying the land. Sectorial Office was able to respond to their requests and a fund raising campaign has been launched in order to guarantee the continuity of the Ananda Maya project. Ananda Maya Master Unit received the name from Baba and it was designated as Sectorial Master Unit. The fund raising target is USD 2750 to cover the legal expenses related to the dislodgment of intruders who are threatening to take the permanent possession of the property.


Los Angeles AMURT Food Distribution


A new shed has been built for the feeding project, a new refrigerator also purchased, following the change of vehicle 2 years ago, all stores are stocked up with provisions and supplies for a month.

The amount of food distributed record this month at 17.000 pounds of federal food, plus another 16.000 for seniors, all together 33.000 to low income and seniors.



Good News from Ananda Marga Mexico


1.- During Baba’s birthday there was held 12 hours Akhanda Kiirtan with 22 attendants including Ac. Vimalananda Avt. and Ac. Ragatmananda Avt.

2.- From May to June: Eight weeks yoga, philosophy and meditation course by Ac. Vimalananda Avt., Sister Madhulika and brother Yogendra at Escuela de Nutricion (Nutrition School) Universidad del Estado de Morelos, (University of Morelos State)

3.-Yoga Summer Camp for children from July 13 to August 7, six boys and girls attended the camp organized by Sister Karuna and Sister Madhulika at Cuernavaca Jagrti.


Regular activities:

1.- Yoga (asanas) class, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. given by Sister Madhulika.

2.- Meditation and Philosophy class Monday and Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. given by Brother Yogendra

3.- First Saturday every month 3 hours Akhanda Kiirtan /Sadhana Shivir (alternate) at Cuernavaca jagrti.

Meditation Tour at Kissena Park in New York

Every Saturday let us meditate at Kissena Park! The natural location is very conducive for meditation. We will start at 10 am from the parking of the Velodrome and we will proceed alternating meditation and walking along the paths of the Park reaching the opposite entrance on Rose and Parsons. The program is open to everyone and it is intended to be very relaxing and enjoyable.

velodrome at kissena park

Summer Conference Highlights – A class in Poetry

In Ananda Kanan Retreat and Conference Center in Missouri we had the annual Summer Conference of Ananda Marga. It was a very blissful time and it nurtured the development of original artistic expressions. Dada Muktatmananda conducted a class on poetry which helped the participants to discover more about their self and bring it out for the collective. For some participants has been a liberating experience discovering a well of inspiration that could be used as service for all. Here are the poems that got composed during the session. The theme of the poems was: “What is the most important thing in your life”.